About Natanz Steel Smelting Complex

Natanz Steel Melting Company was established in 2001 on an area of 80 hectares on the side of Tehran-Isfahan highway in Natanz city.

The purpose of establishing this steel billet production company was to supply a part of the country’s steel market and factories for the production of steel sections.

The company’s activity started with the implementation of the first phase of steel ingot production. Simultaneously with the progress of the steel industry in the country and preventing the import of this strategic product and in line with the realization of the development goals, the company increased the production of steel ingots by upgrading the capacity of electric arc furnaces, building the second phase of the development plan.

The implementation of a 230 kilowatt double-circuit substation and the construction of a 53-kilometer power transmission line from Ardestan city to the factory are among the other projects implemented in this complex. The company’s production line received an operating license on 2013 It has been able to provide more than 750 job opportunities for local and expert workers from all over the country.

Having other infrastructural facilities such as water, connection to city gas lines, connection to nationwide railway lines for transporting raw materials and manufactured products, etc., which are all provided at the factory site, is one of the opportunities of this huge complex.

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The main units of the complex

Natanz iron smelting

Natanz Steel Company

Natanz Steel Company, with nearly half a century of experience of its managers in the steel industry, is able to provide all kinds of steel products, including steel ingots, simple rebars and rebars in different classes and thicknesses to customers and manufacturers of industrial and construction products in the country.

Natanz Iron Smelting

Quality Control Unit

In this unit, the quality control technicians of the factory inputs including sponge iron, scrap iron, ferroalloys, additives and consumables, refractories, etc., control and take samples according to the instructions for the relevant tests to be delivered to the warehouse after approval for use in the production line.

Natanz Steel Complex

A set of technical and specialized departments that provide an infrastructure so that the private sector can provide a suitable response to the country’s need for steel, which is one of the basic needs of most industries.

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Natanz Steel Complex

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Natanz iron smelting

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